Innovations in Home Health Research

IE 639/NGC 535: Special Topics – Innovations in Home Health Research

Course Objectives

This course prepares students to understand and pursue research in the areas of home health and home healthcare.  Students participate in discussions that center around the related scientific literature, perform independent research and work in teams on projects to learn about the current state of research and practice in home health and healthcare.

Course Description

Home health and wellness is essential for reducing health care costs, creating lifestyle choices that improve individual health, and supporting independence for aging or functionally limited populations. This course is designed to introduce the student to research involving technologies, information technologies and other innovations that have either made or could make important contributions to home health or home healthcare.  Topics cover three themes: 1) Environments for Health and Well-Being, 2) Integrated Assistive Technologies, and 3) Home Health Informatics.  The impacts of technological advancements in these areas are studied for a variety of home health issues covered throughout the semester.

Course Structure

The course follows a seminar format in which students from a variety of disciplines (e.g., engineering, nursing, public health) will actively participate in in-class discussions.  Case-studies that describe challenges related to home health or healthcare will be developed and used at the beginning of the semester to provide the basis for which the readings will be selected and discussed.  Students will complete readings before each class, and will prepare a short 1 or 2 page paper that summarizes the research contribution in the context of the case study of one or more of the readings from the student’s own discipline.  Three to four times over the course of the semester, students will select readings from their own research disciplines and co-lead class discussions with students in other disciplines.  There may also be guest lectures from UB or other faculty in which current research projects directed at home health or home healthcare topics.