iPad Assist to Manage Patient w/ Peripheral Arterial Disease

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a chronic atherosclerotic process affecting 10 – 12 million American adults.  Symptoms of PAD include pain and fatigue upon exertion, referred to as intermittent claudication (IC), progressing into pain in the lower limbs at rest, and gangrene leading to limb amputation.  PAD is a leading cause of functional disability due to ambulatory limitations resulting from IC.  When left unmanaged, the symptoms of PAD are devastating for older patients struggling to preserve their independence.  This project focuses on the development and usability testing (patient uptake, patient satisfaction, engagement, enjoyment) of a novel home-based, iPad application to guide the rehabilitative exercise habits among older patients with PAD.  The proposed intervention will utilize a patient-participatory team approach to development that will allow patients, an occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, and IOS programmer to collaboratively design and test the iPad application.   It will capitalize on the engaging and immersive nature of the iPad tablet using gaming and an interactive environment to support exercise behaviors of older patients with PAD.   It is hypothesized that a team patient-participatory approach to development will yield a highly usable and engaging application as the foundation of the proposed intervention.  It is also anticipated that integration of the iPad application will result in reduced burden on the healthcare system by increasing the reach of rehabilitation specialists, thereby reducing the number of onsite therapeutic treatments patients will require.